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The Keys to Successful Instagram Management in 2022

Instagram and other social platforms have changed drastically in the last 12 months. As a business, keeping up with these developments and adjusting your social media management to suit can be challenging. So, to help you create the most relevant social media content for these new changes, here are the keys to success on Instagram in 2022.

Step 1: Growing Your Audience

The point of your business’s social media content is to grow your audience, right? While there’s nothing wrong with hoping this happens naturally, it’s worth also trying to reach new audiences.

But how do you do this?

The simple answer is to focus your social media management on Instagram’s reach features, which include:

· Collaborations with influencers and other businesses

· Reels, which are highly sharable and easily digestible

· Carousel posts that show expertise or offer guidance

· Keywords in your name field – it improves your reach

Step 2: Converting Your Audience

Once you have new people visiting your page, the next goal is to hook them in and convert them into followers. This step is less about the content you put out (although that’s obviously important) and is more about how your page looks.

First, make sure your niche is clear and consistent. It might be tempting to keep things general, but this results in less interest from the right people. Niche down, keep it relevant and, most importantly, make it obvious.

Next, ensure your profile picture and bio are clear and enticing. They should welcome people in and make it obvious what kind of social media content you’re posting.

Finally, refine your page’s aesthetic. There are plenty of ways to do this, including colour themes, curating posts, and keeping things tidy. One popular option is to theme your highlights with relevant covers that show what social media content is hiding within.

If you do all this correctly and are consistent in your approach, you should see the new followers rolling in.

Step 3: Creating Your Community

Social media management ultimately comes down to one thing: socializing. Give your new (and existing) followers a space where they can develop a community and interact with each other.

How do you do this? There are a few options:

· Encourage commenting and friendly debate on your posts

· Use Stories to ask questions and set polls

· Jump on Instagram Live for a more personal element

· Create guides based on FAQs relating to your product or service

The goal with this step of social media management is to give your audience somewhere to come together. While you’re not necessarily the leader, you’re the focal point that creates conversations and interactions.

Final Thoughts

Social media management takes a lot of work to do it properly. If you need what it can offer but don’t have the time, we’re here to help. As an Edmonton social media agency, we can provide Instagram and Facebook management that creates interest and converts followers. We’re a marketing agency that can make a difference, so get in touch to see how we can help.


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