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Capitalize Your Creativity To Encourage Engagements On Instagram

Did you know that the average person spends approximately 2 hours and 24 minutes on Social Media a day?

It's true! For instance, Instagram sees 500 million active users daily. Those users upload 95 million photos and 250 million stories. EACH DAY. That's A LOT of traffic that your business could be tapping into! Some great ways for you to get creative with your posts to capitalize on this data could be:

🦊 Create Reels & Video Content

Video is taking over the Instagram landscape, and now is the time to get real with reels! Sharing video clips of your products or services is sure to boost engagements with 'grammers, and spark the interests of new followers. People love to see how things work, so try sharing a behind-the-scenes video! Who doesn't love being in the know on a new product? Try sharing unboxing videos of a new item! Using video is a wonderful way to let your audience get to know you and your business. It's a key part in growing your reach and ensuring your followers stick around! Get creative with it, and have fun!

🦊 Ask Your Audience

Do you want to boost your engagements, or gain a better understanding of your Instagram followers? A great way to get your audience talking is to ask them a simple question related to your industry! Seriously, it can be anything! For example, if you own a bakery, you could ask your followers what the best kind of cookie is. Post questions can be a useful tool for hearing what kind of products, services, or other content your audience wants to hear about or see from you.

🦊 Share Memes

We know, memes are EVERYWHERE. But there's a good reason why! How often do you share memes with friends? Our guess is quite often! Memes are excellent tools to increase engagements and to extend your online reach. Sharing a meme that applies to a product or service you offer helps to not only further your reach, but also connect with your audience in a comedic way. Everyone likes a good laugh, and a great meme is sure to get that out of your followers!

By using these three tips, you can help your business's Instagram page grow by keeping your followers engaged. Remember to have fun with your posts, and to try new things when it comes to content. You never know what will stick with your audience until you try it!

We know that creating an effective, share-worthy social media page can be difficult. There is so much opportunity for growth and awareness on the digital landscape. Between keeping up with trends and creating posts, it can seem like a big undertaking!

Luckily, there are experts out there (like us 😉) who can make creating social media channels a breeze for you and your business! Get in touch with us at Fox and Forth today to learn more about your online potential!


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