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Your 2021 Social Media Recap

Let’s face it, 2021 has had its ups and downs, especially in the social media industry. From day-long shutdowns on Facebook to the introduction of more streamlined online social media shopping practices, to new influencer branding and marketing guidelines, this year has been a ride. In today’s blog, the Fox and Forth team are breaking down three social media trends that made a big impact in the social media marketing community over the course of the year. Check it out below:

  1. The (Ongoing) Rise of Social Shopping

If there was any good from the pandemic, it would be the rise of social shopping. This has turned into a trend that any small business doesn't want to miss! During the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown era in 2020, Instagram dropped a large amount of new tools and features, many of which have made a big difference in the target demographics that shop online. This has put Instagram on the map as a platform for e-commerce. According to Meta, 70% of shoppers use Instagram for product discovery and 130 million users every month tap on its shopping posts to learn more.In addition to these advances, we have seen the change in the way creators and brands market online with subtle product placements and sponsorships.

  1. Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is content that’s only available for a short period of time. What once started as a sole Instagram feature, the trend has gotten increasingly popular in recent years and the user demand is obviously high.

Examples of platforms that have invested in this content format are:

  • Stories on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

  • Snapchat

  • YouTube with Shorts and their new version of their algorithm

  • LinkedIn with LinkedIn Stories

Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter were the last larger apps in line to announce their ephemeral content additions. All of them are similar to Instagram Stories, but with less creative additions, making Instagram the top contender in this content realm.

The benefit of ephemeral content is its ability to be up-to-date and personal with brands target audience. This channel is often used to publish more unpolished, real-life content that is relatable to the viewer. Combined with stickers that make it possible to add polls and quizzes, users can easily keep a dialogue with their followers. As authentic and personal content has increased in popularity in recent years, this is definitely a content format that was incredibly popular in 2021.

  1. TikTok and Instagram Reels take Center Stage

It is no hidden fact that TikTok and Instagram Reels have been a trending topic for many influencers, brands, and general social media users all throughout 2021.

Many different brands have used these new and short platforms to relate more with their audience and connect on a more personal level with their followers. It is important to continue to remember that these tools rely on trends.

Going into 2022, it is so important to start your brand off on the right foot. If you struggle with social media management and marketing or aren’t sure where to even start when it comes to making your launch the most successful that it can be, our team here at Fox and Forth is always ready and available to help make your marketing dreams a reality. You don’t have to do this alone! Contact us today at to get started!

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