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Colour History: Why It’s Important To Think About When Choosing Brand Colours.

Colour plays an important role in marketing. When creating the branding and logo of your company, colours play a crucial role. This is because they are the first things your target market thinks of when thinking of your brand. Colour is one of the first things your target market sees and can play a significant role in consumer behaviour.

With all that being said, you must choose your branding colours carefully as they have a direct influence on your brand identity. Before determining your brand colours, you must determine your brand identity and personality so you can pick colours that elicit that identity. So, you have your brand identity and personality, and now you need to determine which colours match that.

To help you out, we’re sharing a chart of brand colour meanings and the effect that the different branding colours can have on people.

Your branding colours are a key part of your brand as they can be present in many aspects of the consumer's journey with your brand. They are on your website, logo, store design, advertisements, packaging and even social media so it is important to take the time and ensure your brand colours reflect your brand personality and appeal to your target market.

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