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Trading Up! The Impact of Social Media Marketing on a Trades-Based Business in Alberta.

As a trades-based business in Alberta, having a social media presence has gone from being a novelty to becoming a necessity. As the trades and contracting world is constantly changing and growing in our province, staying ahead of the competition is critical, and social media has created an avenue for successful trades-based businesses to do exactly that.

On this episode of The Brand Burrow, Brittini & Dana sit down with trades-based business owners, Deb Miller of MMi Electrical and Dan Bowie of Ignite Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss the importance of maintaining a social media presence and following while operating an electrical and HVAC business in Alberta.


Watch this episode of the Brand Burrow here!


Listen to this episode of the Brand Burrow below!


Does My Trades-Based Business Really Need Social Media?

Ask yourself three main questions:

  1. Have you seen your competition on social media?

  2. Are you looking to grow your business?

  3. Are you looking to get more leads?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions… Then your answer is obvious! As mentioned in the podcast, the trades and contracting world is constantly evolving, especially in Alberta. Contractors using social media make sense for two reasons: your customers and your competition. It is an efficient way to create engagement with customers and to drum up new business, and help you stay a few steps ahead of fellow businesses within your industry. By having a presence on social media, you’re allowing potential customers to see deeper into your niche market and your business as a whole. Posting frequently gives your business the opportunity to share your quality of work and services, how your business conducts itself and what others are saying about you, all while allowing you to stand out from the crowd among your competitors. There are plenty of benefits that come with maintaining a healthy social media presence for your trades and contracting business. A few benefits include:

  • Brand loyalty.

  • Influencing customer relations.

  • Contributions to business growth.

  • Positive impact on reputation.

  • Developments of new services.

In Alberta, the trades industry can be unbelievably competitive, so staying ahead of the game is always a priority. With a social media presence that serves your audience in constructive ways, your business has the opportunity to shine.

There’s More To It Than Just Posting To Social Media Frequently.

Whether you’re new to owning a trades-based business in Alberta, or have been around the block a few times in your industry, there’s more to having a social media presence than just posting every other day. In order to see success and growth for your business's social media profiles, you need to be prepared to engage with your audience across numerous platforms. Consumers like social media because it creates a direct relationship. If you are successful, you'll have potential customers asking questions and making comments. However, if you fail to respond, they'll lose interest in your company and your services, and you might miss opportunities.

A well-thought-out social media profile for your trades business could be a key component to seeing growth within your industry. Your social media profiles have the potency to become a one-stop shop for people who need your services, especially when using social media as a form of advertising for what you do. Local social media advertising can not only help tradespeople and contractors to attract new clients to their fold but it can also help them build better relationships with their current customers, ultimately setting your business up as the go-to for your niche services.

Social Media Solutions for Trades Businesses in Alberta.

At Fox & Forth, we know that staying ahead of the competition is critical no matter the industry.

Whether you’re ensuring electrical safety or delivering home comfort, our comprehensive social media packages entail everything needed to help your Alberta business stand out from the competition. For more information on how we can set your business apart, get in touch with our social media experts today.

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