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The Brand Burrow Episode 1: Where To Start On Social Media, When Should You Listen to Social Media &

Surprise! Fox and Forth are entering the podcast world! Introducing The Brand Burrow, where the team at Fox and Forth sit down to discuss all topics revolving around marketing and how to make an impact with your brand. Periodically, you can visit the Fox and Forth blog to catch up on what we’re chatting about in The Brand Burrow, and weigh in on the discussion. To kick off the very first episode of The Brand Burrow Podcast, Brittini and Dana sat down together to chat about where to start on social media, when you should listen to social media, and how to avoid overwhelm. The girls dig deep into each of these points and deliver some insightful advice for anyone looking to get their brand noticed online. Want to know more? Listen to episode one of The Brand Burrow below!

Sometimes… There’s just not enough time in the day. Between juggling the day-to-day of running a business and staying relevant online, the struggle to keep up can be a heavy weight to bare. If you’re an entrepreneur who is experiencing this, we want you to know that we understand!

That’s why we’re here for you! At Fox and Forth, you can put your business's social media management tasks into capable hands that will get you the results you need to stay relevant online, boost sales and have your brand at the top of consumers' minds. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more.

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