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Classic Promotional Items That Are A Hit Every Time!

Have you ever had a favourite hat or sweater that you loved wearing, but were SO disappointed when it got destroyed or got to the point where you couldn’t wear it anymore? Did that item come from another business? If so, you’re going to want to keep reading!

When it comes to promoting your brand, getting your logo or your company name on an everyday item is a great place to start. But there’s more to it than that! You want to ensure that your brand is seen on not just an everyday item, but is seen over and over again on those items that get used all the time! So choosing a promotional product to put your branding on needs a bit of thought… But don’t worry! We’re here to help you nail your branding with this list of classic promotional items that are a hit every time!


Need a lid? Hats make great promotional items because they’re a unisex apparel item, so anyone can enjoy them! Plus, there is a huge market of hat lovers out there! Did you know that they also get an average of 3000 impressions in their life time? Pretty cool right? 🦊 Crewnecks

When it comes to fashion, comfort is king! And not many clothing items out there can rival the coziness brought on by a crewneck! This item option is SURE to be a hit, and we know your logo will look great on it, too.

🦊 Duffle Bags

Whether you're hitting the gym or hitting the road for the weekend, a duffle bag with your logo on it is sure to turn heads! Having a timeless cargo item in your promotional branding package is a great idea, especially coming into the summer months.

🦊 Drinkware

Sip, sip, hooray! Branded drinkware is ALWAYS a hit, and is an item that everyone can enjoy. No matter what you’re sipping on, including this trendy item into your branded swag is sure to please!

🦊 Lanyards

Everyone carries keys! Even if they’re not used on your traditional house or car keys, lanyards make great promotional items for anyone who needs to wear an ID badge at work, or who handles entry credentials, scan cards and you guessed it, keys!

🦊 Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love sunglasses!? With summer on the way, integrating sunglasses into your swag bundles is an awesome way to get your brand seen on an extremely useful item that everyone will enjoy!

🦊 Fidget Toys

This promotional item is fun for people of all ages! Your brand can become familiar with just about anybody with items like fidget spinners, yo-yo’s or even stress squeezers.

🦊 Notepads & Journals

Hey, write this down… on your branded notepad! Notepads and journals make such convenient promotional items because everyone can find a use for them! Whether you’re jotting down notes while on the go, or recording your day on paper, journals and notepads are sure to be a hit!

🦊 Bluetooth Speakers

Bring the vibe where ever you go with your branded Bluetooth speakers! With most smartphones being Bluetooth compatible now, you can play your favourite playlists on your new favourite speaker!

If you’re struggling with promotional branding, Fox and Forth can help! Our branding team has years of product and marketing expertise, your brand is sure to be seen with us.

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