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Don't Go Broke on Posting! 5 Social Media Post Ideas Your Business Can Always Bank On.

As a small business owner, being on social media is critical to the awareness that’s generated about your business, who you are, and what you do. Social media is not about the number of followers but how you engage with your followers as a business and a brand.

When done consistently, your company’s social media channels provide enormous opportunities for your business to introduce itself to bigger audiences. There are a ton of different ways for businesses to present themselves online to their current and potential audiences, from dancing on TikTok to sharing testimonials on Facebook. However, sometimes the post-idea well runs dry, in which case, you may feel as though you’ve hit a wall with your social media’s momentum.

Thankfully, your gal pals at Fox & Forth are here to share a few of our favourite social media post ideas that not only get your audience interested and engaging with your profiles but are also evergreen and can be recreated time and time again.

1. Behind-the-scenes.

C’mon, you know what behind-the-scenes content is! This content is extremely beneficial, regardless of what industry your business is in. This is because BTS content can include videos, photos, blogs and other content formats that highlight the employees, procedures and creative processes that bring the business to life.

For example, behind-the-scenes photos and videos. you could give your audience an inside look at how an order is picked and packed; not only does this show how your business does this process, but it can also be entertaining AND educational.

2. Meet the Team.

If you’ve got a rockstar team of people that you work with in your business, show them a little love by highlighting them online! Employee spotlights are a great way to showcase the faces behind your company.

Employee highlights that reference the skills, expertise and dedication of your team can help to establish your brand as an authority in your industry and can even attract new talent to your business when it comes time to hire.

Combining these post ideas with a great strategy can help to boost your company's awareness and engagements online.

3. Who You Are.

Your audience knows WHAT you are… But do they know WHO you are? Use the power of storytelling in your social media posts to share who you are with your audience. This type of post is a great way to share what your company values are, and what the culture is like at your business.

4. Current Projects.

Working on something neat that you’d like to talk about? Sharing photos and videos that highlight current projects that your team is working on is a wonderful way to not only ensnare your audience's attention, but also keep them engaged in learning more about the project, and anticipating the finished result once the project has been completed.

In some cases, you may not be able to share ALL of the details about current projects, but little discretionary sneak peeks work just as effectively!

5. Knowledge-Based.

You started a business because you’re an expert in your industry, right? Right! So flaunt that big brain on social media by sharing some industry-specific knowledge with your audience. There are a ton of creative ways you can deliver knowledge to people in a way that doesn’t feel like they’re sitting in a classroom when reading your posts.

For example, if you’re someone who owns a cake-baking business, you could share with your audience how different icing shapes are formed depending on the piping nozzle you’re using.

Not only does sharing knowledge-based posts to your social media help to educate your audience, but it also sets you up as an industry expert, and the go-to source should anyone require your services!

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kurl jakson999
kurl jakson999
Apr 27

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