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10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Logo Design - PART 2

We’re back with PART 2 of the 10 things to ask yourself before starting your logo design! In part 1 we discussed choosing colours, taglines, adding images and typefaces and what you should do to stand apart from your direct competitors. For part 2 we are discussing what your logo should do for you and for your business. Today we’re sitting down with marketing strategist and owner of Fox and Forth, Brittini Hostyn to talk about evoking emotion, standing out in the industry and what makes YOU different along with developing your company's core values all through your logo’s design and presentation.

Why do you want to evoke emotion within your brand?

A: I think the better question to this is why not evoke emotion in your brand, you look at some of the largest brands out there, Nike, McDonald's, Apple, all within their commercials, they are pulling you in, relating to your life and evoking that emotion.

How can I make my logo stand out in my industry?

A: This comes down to working with a professional and not using stock images. So for example, if you do roofing, there's 100 million roofing companies using, what, a house in their logo, or something relatable like that to their industry. And you can do that, but find an expert that can do a custom graphic to us so you don't look like everyone else.

What is one statement that summarizes the experience you promise your customers?

A: So this is often known as your value statement, or how you interact with your competitors, and how what you should be asking yourself is how you different how you're different from your competitors, and what value you bring to your customers.

How are you different from your competitors? Why should they use you?

A: Why should they use you? If you ask yourself these questions that helps you drill down your value statement. And this will help you create a tagline that people know instantly what you do.

As a brand expert, what is one key piece of advice you would give someone who is just starting to build their brand?

A: I would say you can get it done cheap and you can get it done quick. But I think if you're looking to have a brand that lasts you a while I would take the time and source out someone that you trust to work with to customize those pieces that we've talked about, like your tagline, like your logo like your colour palettes, because this is what's going to take your brand from being like everyone else to set you apart.

Your logo is important to your business because it communicates ownership, quality, and values. It’s imprinted on your products, your business card, website, social media, and most importantly, in the minds of your clients. Remember to take the time to really think about your logo and what you want it to represent. And if you need some help... We're just a click away! Fox and Forth can help with all of your logo and branding needs. Send us an email today to learn more about how we can help you stand out.

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