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Fox & Forth's Top 5 Promo Items for Corporate Holiday Giveaways.

The most wonderful time of year is upon us! Christmas time is the season of giving, and promotional Christmas gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation to your business’ customers and clients, as well as your staff and colleagues. It doesn’t just give recipients a warm, fuzzy glow, it also reminds them you exist and have made the effort to stay in touch during this time of year. Increasing brand awareness around the holidays helps customers and clients keep you in mind as the New Year begins, so making your holiday giveaway list, and checking it twice is recommended!

Why Should My Business Give Away Branded Items Around the Holidays?

What better way to say thank you for their business than by sending a branded gift to your customers, suppliers and clients? Giving away branded items around the holidays comes with tremendous benefits. Not only does gifting promo items to these people keep you at the top of their minds when they’re in need of your services, but sending corporate gifts provides a great opportunity to make your company stand out. When you send promotional products, you’re giving recipients a tangible item that reminds them of you and your brand.

For clients who only use your goods and services once or twice a year, sending branded giveaway gifts is a great opportunity to reconnect with them, encourage brand loyalty and re-open the conversation about future business.

Even if you’re not sure what type of corporate giveaway item might suit your brand or your business, our experts at Fox & Forth are able to assist with recommendations for hot products that always make a lasting impression.

Fox & Forth’s Top 5 Giveaway Picks.

It’s often said that “it’s the thought that counts,” so during the holidays, don’t just send out spare promotional merchandise you have lying around in the office, to make a lasting impression, put some thought into it! Send something appropriate for the festive season; a proper gift that’s either luxurious, useful or both! Here are Fox & Forth’s top 5 favourite promotional gift ideas that make ideal corporate holiday giveaway gifts.

This tech organizer bag is the perfect gift for just about anybody. Whether it’s for someone who is always on the go or someone who carries their tech to and from work, this item offers a solution to keeping cords and chargers organized and accessible; usefulness that lasts!

Hey, write this down… in a branded notebook! Notebooks and notepads make such convenient promotional items because everyone can find a use for them! Whether you’re jotting down notes while on the go, or recording your day on paper, notebooks and notepads are sure to be a hit!

Give the gift of comfort! With unrivalled softness, this oversized throw blanket is a luxurious and sophisticated purposeful gift that defines cozy.

Branded items don’t need to be just for the workplace. This up-for-anything cooler bag is a great giveaway item no matter the time of year. Whether the recipient is using it on the slopes or on the golf course, you can ensure the usefulness of this item, with your brand on display!

A keepsake gift that will be used again and again, this show-stopper gift is sure to impress! Whether given as a welcome gift, meeting swag, a professional thank you or a corporate holiday gift, this tote of goodies is a win-win to support sustainability, environmental, social and economic impact.

Corporate gift-giving is a solid way to show your employees, suppliers, clients, and top customers your deepest gratitude around the holidays. It also offers you tons of benefits including a great image, free marketing, healthy relationships, and long-term connection! All of these and more become possible with the use of promotional products!


Let Your Edmonton Business Be Seen with Fox & Forth!

As your local branding experts, Fox & Forth offers promotional branding and marketing services that help your business stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re ordering for a few or for many, our team of branding-buffs are here to help with all of your promotional marketing needs this holiday season! To learn more, or to place an order for promotional giveaway gifts, get in touch with our team today!

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