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Summer Sunshine and Brainstorms

Summer in Alberta... the short-lived season we wait all year for. Once it starts, we are busy with the various sports events, tournaments, and charity walks. Where is the time to make sure we have enough swag?! What about the raffle prizes, the tournament awards? Are the sign up sheets updated with this year's details?

Being prepared means planning ahead, and there is still time to get that started. 

Make Lists

List all the events you have this season. As well, list any items you have on hand. Check your cupboards for boxes of pens, mugs, or anything else left over from previous events.

Fill in the Gaps

Make your wishlist of remaining items for each event, and see what items can be used for more than one. Ordering in larger quantities can get you better unit pricing, saving you money overall. Make sure you have enough to last through all of your events!


With a refined wishlist, you can start putting those orders in place, scheduling them so that you order what you need in time for each event, and spread out your expenses over the season. 

It sounds like a lot of work, but taking those steps at the beginning will mean that you don't have to worry about it as much once you are in full swing. 

Still sound like a lot of work? We can help with that. We take most of the planning off your plate, finding the right items to promote your events, creating the schedule, and making sure your artwork is ready in time to have everything printed and shipped to your door in advance of each event. 

We call it a Branding Brainstorm. Contact us to book yours.

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