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Small But Mighty


First off coo dose to you.

If you have quit your nice and comfy 9-5 to work 12 hours a day on your business dream welcome to the club.

I think that makes us friends by default.

A little over a year ago when we decided to throw in our towels at the 9-5 and become entrepreneurs.

We shared the same struggle and I’m sure in many ways we definitely still do.

Fact is the best part about starting a business beside being your own boss is figuring out your branding.

Developing a logo, colors, service executions that set you apart from the rest.

This makes you, YOU and not your competition.

Many entrepreneurs we talk with say that branding is too expensive.

My answer always is well if you think branding expensive now,

wait until you must re-brand because you took short cuts on your initial process.

Truth is good branding doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars it just has to be done right.

That’s why we offer branding brainstorms.

We sit with you and make a road map before we even give you a price.

We hear where you are and where you want to be and work with you to get there.

It’s not about one transaction and we forget about you.

It’s about helping our customers grow.

Because when they grow we grow.


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