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Think about the last business card someone gave to you. You are at a networking event or a tradeshow... you are talking to someone and think, "yeah, I would like to know more" and you ask them for a business card. They pull a card from their pocket and hold it out. The moment your eyes see it, the second your fingers make contact with the paper, you are subconsciously gauging their capability in their business.

Kinetic Salon's unique shape, pearl paper, and intense colour make them stand out.

Did the design catch your eye? Does it look like a professionally developed card, or something they put together themselves?

How does the card feel? Is it flimsy, almost like paper? Or does it have weight to it, a sturdiness, a texture, something that indicates high value.

Does the card tell you "I can't be bothered to invest in my own business" or does it say "I believe in myself, my business, and I care enough to express that through the first interaction I have with you."

Why does this matter?

Every single time I hand out my card, I get compliments on it. Every. Single. Time.

Technically speaking, my card is a 16pt card stock, silk laminate, and spot gloss, double sided.

Perceptually speaking, my card is well thought out, carefully assembled piece of communication that indicates that I spent time and money. And as we all know, time and money are precious in running a business, and if I am willing to invest it in my business cards, I must also be willing to invest it in my client, their project, and their well being as a business. My card and the care and attention it receives is an indicator that I will do the same for you.

Soft colours and gentle shapes generate a welcome feeling.

Ok, but I don't have the budget for expensive cards, I'm just going to Vistaprint.

Two things... first, print technology has come a long way and you can get amazing cards for a fraction of what they cost a decade ago. We can discuss your budget and find something that will have you looking like a million dollars without actually spending it.

Second, the templates on Vistaprint give you the illusion that you are getting something beautiful for free. Are there nice templates? Sure. But the ones you are drawn to, others are too. And I never thought I would see it happen, because, hey there are thousands of layouts to choose from! But I saw it... two business cards came across my desk... two massage therapists. At first I thought I had doubles, but one card was in red, the other in purple. So maybe they are from the same clinic... nope. Different addresses, different company names.

These two massage therapists pulled the business equivalent of showing up to a party wearing the same dress.

Vistaprint Templates Gone Wrong

When you hire a designer to build a card for you, yes you will pay for it. But they research your target market, develop a layout just for you, and you have final approval. The right designer will also be able to think about final print methods as they start creating your design, so that everything is integrated.

With final print method in mind, we created a textured look that was both subtle and stunning.

Your business card has more value than you think. Don't underestimate the importance of first impressions, and that little piece of card that someone is going to take home with them as a reminder of that experience. Make sure that the conversation that wowed them doesn't fall flat with a cheap card that gets tossed in the trash on the way out the door. Keep that positive momentum, give them something they want to keep, and remind them when they get back to the office that you are a person and business of integrity and value.


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