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Setting New Traditions with Classic Culture! A Branding Story.

What was formerly known as “Viva Italia, Viva Edmonton” Is now “Festa Italiana!“ but it was not an overnight transformation.

The old logo was a bit outdated and the more recent festival marketing was mixed with the old branding and was starting to confuse the festival go’ers.

The board knew it was time for a change,

It was just finding the time. Who has the TIME!

Festa Italiana (“Viva Italia, Viva Edmonton”) was gearing up for its 10th year.

such a milestone year for a small local Edmonton festival.

I was so excited to meet with Renata Berlingo from The Italian youth Association Edmonton to see how Fox & Forth could make this festival look both trendy and current.

Truth be told this festival means a lot to me and it was a great honor to work with such an amazing team on making this project come to life.

I met Renata at the festival location on 95 street and 109 Avenue at the Spinelli Bar Italiana.

What a great place to kick off a very in theme branding brainstorm.

The smell of Italian coffee and Pizza was in the air as she looked at me and said,

“Ok we have to spice things up!”

Over the next two hours we talked about how they are currently seen in the Edmonton community.

How being Italian isn’t just about pasta and wine.

The selfish want on maybe both of our parts to have everyone who comes to the festival to feel like family, having a sense of community, tradition and of course leave with their bellies full of awesome food.

“Its about bringing the old school, meets new school vibe to the Italian Edmonton community.”


I left with my wheels turning on all the great things we could do with the branding.

Truly excited that my team and I had the chance to work on something so exciting and visual.

The sketches and conversations started to roll. The research was started, and the ball was rolling!

We came up with 3 original concepts based off our brainstorm.

Option 1 - Clean, simple design, using a de-constructed Italian flag as the backdrop (like foodies de-constructing meals). There was mention a liking the classic Italian-esq script font. We saw this font on a classic Italian record jacket. This font has some scratches in it aging it, bringing the old look of the font with the new look of the de-constructed flag…… merging old timers with the new/young showing they can work together. At the bottom family, food and fun, what more can you ask for.

For spacing we have added little maple leafs in-between, Ital-Canadian!

Option 2 - This option was designed with a soccer team crest/patch in mind. No Italian flag on this design, instead we coloured the layers of the text ‘festa’ with these colours to represent Italy. The white bar in the middle represents the street the festival takes place. Each of the yellow panels points in opposite direction, one pointing toward the park the other pointing toward The Italian Centre. The bottom panel hosts 3 icons, icons that represent some of the events of the festival, such as a wine glass for the wine tasting, a soccer ball for the big game and a fork for all the good food. At the bottom we have place ‘Edmonton’ to keep with the soccer team theme. maybe someday to be international and every city have one.

Option 3 - With this design, we have almost all elements that are important, food, heart, Italian, and Canadian. We have the fork in the Italian flag colours, standing upright, strong. A knotted heart of spaghetti is woven amongst the fork prongs. We have the spaghetti wound in the shape of a heart, like the heart of the community, entwined, working together. The font used for ‘festa’ was taken from a vintage Italian movie poster, in yellow to bring your eye from the spaghetti to the bottom text. For ‘Italian’ we used a crisp, thin font placing a maple leaf (Canadian aspect) as the dot of the second i.

A couple Revisions later a refined version of option one was chosen.


We are ready to rock n Roll… Or… are we?

Our team worked quickly to design posters, Signage, handbills, T-shirts and get sign offs from media companies and sponsors along side the Italian youth Association Edmonton.

NOW we are ready!

The signage was the last thing to be printed… we had to get going.

We only had 4 days!!!

Thank goodness Renata and her team have a quick response time.

I think we all knew if we all worked together like a big Italian family, we could pull it off.

We totally did if you didn’t notice!

The day was a proud moment for my team and I as well as the board of volunteers with The Italian youth Association Edmonton.

Seeing all the banners, Signage, Posters, Shirts branded with this this amazing logo that suited the festival so well was truly why we do what we do.

Nothing but compliments and love all around

The sun was shining, the food was in abundance, the Italian dancers were dancing and the streets… the streets seen 20,000 people that day.

People who ate, Shopped, enjoyed the entertainment or maybe even took in a cooking lesson or two.

They all did it in the name of Italian Canadians that day.

To the board and to those 20,000 people Fox & Forth says thank you!

Thank you for making this festival a possibility, for all your hard work and for the opportunity to allow Fox & Forth to contribute in making the Italian traditions live on!


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