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In a Digital World, How Do Calendars Stay Relevant?

Paper products continue to have a strong place in business: dated products like calendars, planners, and journals are in-season in the back-half of the year, and add a daily value to brand awareness campaigns.

Cheryl Daurie of Magnus Pen Corp has been helping businesses share their messages for over a decade. She explains that calendars are an item that “continuously offer an advertising value proposition that can be easily understood by the purchaser. They are practical and functional and can be used daily, regardless of the age or lifestyle of the recipient”.

Although more and more people are turning to digital means to keep track of their day-to-day lives, dated products continue to have benefits for consumers when engaging with them. As Carrie Lewis, marketing and communications manager for Bic Graphic North America explains, “Writing details down in a planner, journal, or on a calendar stimulates an area of the brain that helps people focus and recall information. The physical act of flipping back and forth between planner pages for the week ahead influences memory, making it easier to remember the sequence and times of upcoming events. Plus, writing things down by hand helps people feel satisfaction when they physically check and item off a list.”

In short, physical writing and interaction with dated products helps recall, which in turn can provide high levels of impression and recall of a business when using their promotional calendar or journal. “77 percent of homeowners and 84 percent of business calendar users can recall the advertising message on their calendar and have a more favorable impression of the advertiser. They also scored more likely to refer a friend, relative, or co-worker to the advertiser,” explains Gwen Grey, a marketer with Beacon Promotions. In this way, through their daily use, calendars can provide incredible value in a promotional sense, averaging fractions of a cent per impression in the product’s lifetime. In fact, nearly all homes or businesses have a calendar of some kind, and “about 62 percent of those were received from promotions” rather than being purchased.

The focus for companies throughout the years, therefore, has been less in considering the practicality of dated products, but in working to improve their imaging and design in order to compete with retail styles; many different options are available for purchase nowadays, so using stylish designs, as well as including original and engaging content --such as photography, recipes, life hacks, or inspirational messaging-- can assist in the effort of connecting with the intended audience.

Case studies have shown that as an annual mailer, calendars can increase the growth of a group of followers who share a message, and lead to the recruitment of new referrals. Therefore ask yourself: if yours is not the calendar on the wall of a consumer, is your competitor filling that space? The time of year or engage with your audience is now!


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