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Celebrating Women and Girls in Science

Did you know that February 11th is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science? A day to celebrate and encourage everyone to get into research mode, in order to promote progress, innovation, and new ideas. The day is coming up soon!

According to the UN, at present, less than 30% of researchers worldwide are women, and only about 30% of female students select STEM-related fields in higher education. These numbers are even lower (as little as 3-5%) in fields such as mathematics, engineering, and manufacturing. Some big reasons for this are long-standing gender biases and stereotypes that steer women away from such fields.

But why should we care? Because important, world-changing innovation can come from anyone, if only they are given a chance! That’s why this day celebrates women who are leading innovation and research in their fields, giving role-models and motivation to other young girls who want to do the same.

You probably remember Hedy Lamarr as a beautiful and talented actress, but did you also know that she was an inventor as well? She developed radio guidance systems and technologies that are incorporated in many of the Bluetooth technologies that we use today! Yet what most people remember her for is her hollywood stardom; in fact, many of the technologies she developed were too difficult to implement during the 1940s, but are now being formally recognized and used as of the late 20th century. This just shows you can’t underestimate the power of smart, motivated women, nor anyone for that matter.

Let’s look to promote everyone’s efforts equally, especially when it comes to supporting women in typically male-dominated fields that may need a little extra push to break through. Do you have a young person in your life interested in science? Show them you are engaged in what they are doing so they keep going, even when studies don’t turn out like they plan; that’s what learning is all about, after all!

But how can we support people in education, learning, and following their dreams for the future in any form (whether this be in science of other fields) as a company? Give clients and those you know a little nudge with learning-themed designs on your swag, or even simple but functional items such as planners for their studies, writing instruments, useful desk accessories, laptop bags, or coffee tumblers to use when they need that extra zip of energy to get a project done. As we discussed in our January blog post about 2020 goals, helping clients reach their targets --even if it’s just a small reminder through a useful motivating product-- is a way to stay memorable and form strong relationships.

Alternatively, you can look to science itself in the form of tech items, as tech products are a huge trend for promo in 2020, with customized earbuds from well-known and highly respected brands quickly becoming a top item. In addition to other tech items such as speakers or power banks, there are many options to get on the science and tech train this year in your promotional marketing. Not only do these types of products have a high rate of consumer demand, but they are also used on a daily basis by many, leading to high levels of brand-visibility when used as promotional items. Therefore, consider looking towards science and tech as inspirations for your promo in 2020 to make a lasting impression.


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