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Are you a leader or a follower? A promotional Story

When it comes to promotional branding of your products, the common belief is that you can either be one of the following: a leader or a follower.

For creating your own promotional strategy that is going to bring you the desired sales, you need to identify your type first.

But what if you could be both at the same time? It sounds weird, right?

But if you are smart enough, making a combination of these two to do some effective marketing would be your thing.

Let’s take a look at a case study on this.

Iams handed out barbell weight shaped Frisbees at dog parks in Australia, to promote their dog foods. Well, you can’t say that the idea of handing out such gift items to promote products is the most innovative one in the world, definitely someone else has done that before. But the unique part about this idea was the shape of the Frisbees. The message the barbell weight shaped Frisbees sent was that the dog food produced by Iams is much stronger than other alternatives in the market. This way, Iams followed a century old promotional technique, with their very own improvisation. This is a great example of becoming a leader and a follower at the same time for promotional branding.

You have a lot of material to learn from this case study.

Finding the perfect balance, you need to be creative, while creating your brand identity based on your unique selling point.

Iams considered the strength of their pet food as the unique selling point and branded the product accordingly with huge success.

In addition, the way of your promotion should be simple, yet unique. Frisbee is a very common dog toy, but barbell weight shaped Frisbees are not. Differentiating the campaign in this way can take a product to the highest peak of success.

In today’s competitive market, you need to be a follower to become a leader in the long run.

The market trends and dynamics change a lot in the verge of the fourth industrial revolution.

You need to follow these changes closely if you wish to become a market leader with your strategies. Those who can’t cope with the changes happening in the market, are destined to fail for sure.

So, don’t choose between the two, rather try to be both at the same time.

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