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5 New Years Resolutions to Inspire Your Promotional Marketing

It’s January: that means many people are working hard to stick to their New Years’ resolutions. These often revolve around achieving better health and wellness. But how can you reach out to your clients to assist them in achieving their goals? Being a helping-hand in reaching a target, however small, is a way to stay memorable. That’s why we’re looking towards well-known resolutions as a source of inspiration for our promotional marketing at the beginning of this year.

In fact, we’ve compiled a list of 5 common New Years’ resolutions, along with matching promotional items that can help spur the motivation for clients to achieve their goals:

1) Get Outside

It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole world to explore outdoors; whether it be hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, camping, etc, there are so many possibilities to get outside for some fun. Promotional items such as warm hoodies or a hiking backpack are sure to spark some motivation for outdoor adventures!

2) Walk More

When the goal of getting more active seems daunting, you can get started simply by being on your feet more! Step counters are a solid way to get a tangible sense of how much a person moves from day-to-day, and can be a real motivator to get those extra steps in in everyday life, both for already active people, or those who are just starting their fitness journey.

3) Drink More Water

We’ve all come to learn the benefits of staying hydrated for your overall health, and many give themselves the simple goal of drinking more water in the new year. But how often do we find ourselves thirsty but without any way to satisfy this need? Give your clients a stylish and functional water bottle that they’ll never want to forget at home, to help them stay hydrated! Not only that, but using reusable bottles rather than single-use plastics is eco-friendly, which is an important factor for many people as well.

4) Take Some Time for Yourself

A big part of our overall well-being that so many often forget about is our mental health. As such, taking time for yourself to recharge is a great tool in the self-care toolbox. Remind your clients to slow down and de-stress from time-to-time with items such as aromatherapy candles or bath bombs to enjoy.

5) Be More Organized

Do you know people who have all kinds of ideas and things to-do, but never know how to keep it all straight? Being more organized is often the goal of such people, and the act of writing things down is known to help recall, as well as being useful to keep things in order. Planners and journals are simple, yet effective items that have many uses, including helping your clients keep organized and on-top of things, which can reduce stress-levels and improve mental well-being.

When looking to improve their health, clients can always do with a helping hand, motivator, or simple reminder. That’s why looking to resolutions can be a great way to break the ice or stay memorable with your promotional products this year. Furthermore, not only do the suggested promotional items align with many people’s new-year-new-you goals, they are also very functional items in general. And as it turns out, the utility of promotional items is the #2 reason as to why people keep promo products (the top factor being the quality of the item, which is something we at Fox & Forth pride ourselves on when working with our clients). So why not take this new-year-new-you mantra as a source of inspiration for your promotional marketing this 2020!


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