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3 Emerging Brand Trends for 2019

1. Customers Drive Brands, Not the Other Way Around – Brands still assume they dictate the rules. But we have always been in a customer’s market and we will always be in one. Using the analogy of real estate, when you’re in a seller’s market you can make the buyer jump through a number of hoops before considering selling to them. But when it’s the other way around it is concession central. Brands need to think in the latter. Assuming people will follow what you dictate to them means you’re not really listening or empathetically understanding them. Know your market and reach out to them with items and branding that they will find appealing.

2. Why Are Sales and Marketing Departments Sitting in Silos? – Companies who say, “That’s the job of sales,” or “Hey marketing, give us enablement materials,” will fail fast in 2019. you need to become a marketing hybrid. But now that isn’t even enough. Sales and marketing not only need to collide but blend and become a whole new animal. A whole new way of emotionally being that simply hasn’t existed for much of the 21st Century. Sales isn’t about selling, it’s about coaching and connection. Marketing isn’t about marketing as much is it is about education and enablement. Brands that have one team with hybrid skills have the advantage.

3. Brands Who Create, Compose and Coach Will Lead – As automation continues to pick up speed there is less of a need to talk to anyone at a brand or rely on any of their content or owned information or knowledge to make a decision. In fact, almost everything is in the hands of the decider. But there is a way for brands to break through this and stand as one with their customers. Using the example of a clothing retailer, instead of that retailer saying, “We created these fashions for you to consume,” the new create attitude is, “We created tools for you to design your own fashions.” Instead of saying, “We’ve composed the ad campaign for you to aspire to,” the new compose attitude is, “We’ve partnered with our customers on our communications.” And instead of saying, “We know best because we’re the brand,” the new coaching attitude is, “We are always learning and learning based on our customers needs in the world.”


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